Our Jumping Series came about because Caroline, our model, was goofing off on our photo shoot ('cause we forced her to put on wool sweaters for 2 days in a row in over 90 degree heat) and she was getting a little silly! After a few good laughs, we of course ALL wanted in on the action! Everyone at the shoot left that day with a fun and silly portrait by Henrik that made us smile…And just because we can't get enough of a good thing that makes us smile, we had to create a whole series of them.

So far over 60 people have jumped for us! And there's more to come! We know, we know. We're a little extreme here at CARDIGAN…but, we're hoping one day you'll jump for us too!

So here's a hi-five to all our friends, family and collaborators at Cardigan! We LOVE how you wear your CARDIGAN! Cause, it's all about YOU! And YOU! And YOU!

Big Hugs and Jumps!


Love our Jumpers? See the outtakes!

Portrait photos by Henrik Olund
Assisted by Matt Ellis